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“Make every effort to come to me soon;”

There are some people you just want to spend time with, am I right? Maybe it’s because you’ve been friends a long time. Perhaps it’s because they are just fun to be around. Whatever the reason, you long to see them. Paul and Timothy had spent years together. Paul had mentored him and prepared him to serve. Now that Paul knows his days are limited, he wants to see Timothy.

Who do you have that kind of relationship with right now? With whom have you invested the amount of time necessary to develop that longing? You need to be pouring yourself into someone else. You need to be mentoring them to carry on the faith long after you’re gone. That takes time and energy, I know. But it’s time well spent.


Of course, there is no one more important to develop than your own children. Let me get real personal today. Dads, how much time do you spend a day with your son? How about your daughter? We get so busy providing for our families or engaged in our hobbies (we’ve got to have our time) that we neglect the responsibility of time with our kids. Moms normally get their time. It’s the dads who fall way short.

How much time is enough? Well, that depends on your children. Some need more time than others. The Lord has blessed you with little people who need you. Why else would the Lord have placed them in your life? They are not burdens. They are opportunities to be Jesus to the next generation. You are doing God’s work each time you are with your children. Thank God for allowing you that privilege.

So, how are you doing with that? This week measure the amount of time you spend at work, play or with your children. You may need to adjust your schedule. Paul called Timothy his child in the faith. He poured into him. Will you do that today with your children? Whether they are biological, adopted, foster or step-children, choose today to invest in those the Lord has given you to raise. You will be saying to them, “Y’all come quickly. I need to see you.”

Father, thank You for allowing me to parent. Give me the discipline to make time for those You have placed in my life. Help me mentor them to be more like Jesus each day.


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