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2 TIMOTHY 3:17

“so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”

There is nothing much worse than to plan a trip, get there and realize you left something at home. You had it ready – you just forgot it. You purchased it with the intention to use it. And when you get home, there it sits on the kitchen counter. It doesn’t do much good there.

Then Word of God is like that. Verse 16 tells us it is good for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. But is we don’t use it, if we don’t “pack” it, it is no use to us. We are given the Word to use, not to put on a shelf in the house. It is more than a Sunday book. It’s an everyday book that never gets old. It never gets dated. It stands the test of time.


The next time you get a phone call from your son or daughter asking you to bring a something to school they forgot, remind them of this verse. That’s never happened to you? Just wait, it will. Playing basketball without your shoes is difficult. You are aren’t fully equipped. Presenting your science project without the poster board is impossible. You just have to have some things to complete the task.

It’s no different for your child spiritually. They can’t live the Christian life without relying on the Word of God to guide them. That’s why it is so important to teach them that the Word has applications to every life scenario. There is literally not a situation for which you cannot apply His Word. And the sooner they realize that, the more fully equipped they will be.

Are you half packed? Are you trying to get by on your wit and wisdom? Stop it! Take the Word and apply it to your life. Allow the Word to seep in and totally engulf every crevice of your existence. Living the Word frees you from making decisions that are based on your own experience. Now, that has a part in it, but it is always filtered through the Word.  Believe it.

Your Word, O Lord, is my guide. It fully equips me for every situation life throws at me. Give me the wisdom to apply it each time I need it.


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