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2 TIMOTHY 3:14

You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them,

What does it take for someone or something to convince you? How much information, how many facts until you know that you know that you know? Paul is encouraging Timothy (and us) to continue or to remain persuaded of the things he has learned. Don’t let anyone change his mind or sway his thoughts. He knows the truth, so hold on to it.

The Greek word for “convinced” in this verse is only used right here and it has a spelling that carries a bigger meaning. The Greek word ends in “-oo” which points to the result of the action of the verb rather than just the action. Confused? Think about it. It’s one thing to be convinced, but what is the result of the convincing? You are sure! You are adamant. You are confident. That’s what the Lord wants us to be.


Don’t you want confident children? Then teach them over and over the truths of God’s Word. Don’t let a day go by without sharing at least one verse with them. Tie every decision you make to His Word. Let them know you are convinced of its truth. There is no other source for truth that can be depended upon.

When they hear this and see this over and over, they will start to understand. Now, they still have to embrace it as their own. Simply reading it to them and telling them won’t make it theirs. They, too, must be persuaded. And that comes through the power of the Holy Spirit. Have you prayed that for them today? Have you prayed that the Holy Spirit would convince your child of the reality of the Word? Have you prayed the Holy Spirit would reveal Himself so powerfully in their lives that all of a sudden they are hit with majestic greatness of God?

Are you living persuaded? Are you walking your walk each day with full confidence in what you have learned? All the truths of Scripture are there for our benefit. Walk in them. Ask the Lord to show you ways to live out His Word each day. Ask Him to allow you to be a “persuader” to others. As you live convincingly, others are watching and being drawn to the Master.

I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed against that day. I know in whom I have believed and rest in full confidence in Him.


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