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“But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.”

Who likes to be told that hard times are coming? No one, probably. We like to look forward to good times, happy times, fun-filled times. Not difficult, depressing or dangerous times. But Paul tells Timothy that very thing. This shouldn’t have surprised Timothy. After all, Paul is writing this letter from prison, which will end in his death. Paul knew all too well the dangers of living for Jesus in a harsh world.

The Greek word for “difficult” in this verse is only used one other time. In Matthew 8:28 it describes the Gadarene men who were demon-possessed. It says they were so violent (that’s the word) no one could control them. They had everyone in fear for their lives if they tried to pass by the area. That is exactly how the last days will be. But we have no fear because we walk with Christ.


Have you ever had to go through a scary night of tornadoes or a hurricane with your children? That can be a very difficult situation. Children don’t understand all that is going on and they look to us for reassurance and confidence that it is going to be okay. What an opportunity we have to do just that.

Those are the times when you model trust and faith in the Lord. He walks right along with us during those most difficult of times. Whether it be storms, illnesses, loss of a loved one or even threats to our own lives, God is with us. As we raise our children, we must live our lives, so they see us trusting Him in those difficult days.

So, tell me. Are you trusting the God of the universe or are you wringing your hands? I heard someone say recently, “Did it ever occur to you that nothing has ever occurred to God?” So true! Nothing catches Him off guard. He is aware of everything in your life long before it happens. He is prepared to walk with you right through the most difficult challenges you face, but you must trust Him and do what He says. Will you?

I will follow Your lead, O God. I will trust You to lead me safely through the storms of my life. When the billows crash against me, I will hold on to Your strong hand.


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