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2 TIMOTHY 2:19

“Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, ‘The Lord knows those who are His,’ and, ‘Everyone who names the name of the Lord is to abstain from wickedness.’”

“Nevertheless” is probably a word you don’t use much. I know it doesn’t come up much in my conversations. But I was surprised to find out it is only used eight times in the New Testament. I expected to see it used more. It refers to a contrast. It can mean however, instead, but, yet and nevertheless.  “Big deal, Carl! This devotion is not exciting me.” Well, hold on.

Read the verses before this (vs 14-18). Paul is painting a huge contrast here in verse 19. Although the world may be against us and is trying to destroy us, GOD’S FOUNDATION IS FIRM!!! Wow! No matter what, God is there. No matter what, God knows us. No matter what, we must abstain from wickedness. No matter what!!


Your little ones are going to face hard times. There is just no way to completely insulate them from pain and suffering. This is one of those verses to remind them it’s okay. When they have worked hard to achieve something, and it is unfairly taken away – Nevetheless. When they are doing all the right things, but someone else gets the credit – Nevertheless.

Dealing with “unfair” things in life is…well…just part of life. We don’t need life to be fair because we have a fair God. His “fairness” completely balances out the scales of injustice, if we will just trust Him with the big picture. We may not get exactly what we want, but He will make sure we get exactly what we need. “Nevertheless” is a big word after all, huh?

Have you experienced one of those nevertheless moments in your life? How did that feel? Isn’t it exciting to know that God is forever watchful over your life? He truly does care about the most minute detail. Your small problems make His list. Your seemingly unimportant events are on His calendar.

I praise You, O God, that You bend Your ear to hear my voice. You stoop down to earth to bind my wounds. You lean towards me to comfort me.


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