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2 TIMOTHY 2:13 

If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. 

Boy, isn’t that comforting? Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful. Why? Because he cannot deny Himself. The very definition of God is faithful. To turn His back on us when we lose faith would mean He ceases to be who He is. He is forever faithful. Just like us, huh? 

That’s funny. We drop our faithfulness with people. Sometimes we do that the very first time they hurt us. You’ve heard the expression, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” But Jesus tells us to forgive seventy times seven, right? Our faithfulness to the Lord should never depend on us. It should always be a reflection of His love and faithfulness towards us. And it should come out in our relationships. 


In today’s marriages, many of our children never see faithfulness. Parents divorce over almost nothing. There is no “stick-to-itness” in the marriage relationship. There is no faithfulness. So, how can the children see that lived out. Parents, our marriage relationships are a reflection of our eternal relationship with the Father. Our children need to see that. 

When all they see is mistrust and deceit, they are confused. Every relationship we exhibit before them should be showing them our faith in Jesus. After all, He is the one that makes every relationship possible. As we have faith in Him to help us live each day, we are showing them faith in action, faith in daily decisions, faith in relationships.  

Are you showing that today? Are you being faithless or faithful? He will always be faithful to you. He cannot do anything else. It’s His nature. If He lives in you, then let His faithful nature drive you. Let His faithfulness be your faithfulness. Do not deny the Father. Do not deny the Son. Do not deny the Spirit.  

O Lord, today I choose to be faithful. I bow before Your faithfulness and ask that You fill me with faith in every situation. I may not understand why, but I will follow. 


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