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2 TIMOTHY 2:9 

for which I suffer hardship even to imprisonment as a criminal; but the word of God is not imprisoned. 

When you think about serving Jesus, you don’t normally think about prison, do you? I mean, the first thought you have is preaching in a church or singing in the choir. Maybe it’s serving in the nursery or going overseas as a missionary. But you don’t think, at least in the beginning, that it could land you in jail. Paul spent a lot of time in prison and eventually died in his last imprisonment. 

He was okay with that. Why? Because the message of the cross continued to spread. Look what he said in the last part of today’s verse – “but the word of God is not imprisoned.” Others picked up the mantle and continued the preaching. Paul had an audience of soldiers guarding him who we know from other letters received the gospel. Prison bars can’t hold the message inside. 


Has your child ever visited a jail? Have they ever seen inside a cell? I pray they haven’t, but it can be a great lesson. There is something about the click of the key when you are on the other side of those bars that brings it to life. Find a story about someone who is imprisoned right now for serving Jesus. We see that a lot lately overseas. Then ask your child if they would be willing to go to prison for serving Jesus. They will probably say “no.” 

That’s okay. Would you? Many of us may say “yes” until it gets real. I guess we don’t know what we will really do unless we are presented with the actual circumstance. My point today is how far would you go to serve Him, knowing if you go to jail God may just broaden your ministry in an area you could have never dreamed of. Just a thought! 

What’s your limit on serving Jesus? Is there one? “Well Carl, let’s don’t get crazy here.” I know, I know. Chances are this would never present itself to you, but if it did, I pray you would be ready, willing and able to go the distance. Why? Because God’s got this, and He is allowing it for His glory. Serve beyond your limits, but God’s Word has none. 

Lord, today I abandon myself to share. I want to serve You whenever and wherever You please. Use me how You desire. 


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