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2 TIMOTHY 1:7 

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. 

Have you ever known a coward? I mean, someone who is frozen by fear and uncertainty? The word for “timidity” means that. It’s only used right here in 2 Timothy 1:7. It’s more than just being timid or shy. It’s more like coiling back and not responding. There is just no way you can live the Christian life that way. 

Something must have happened in Ephesus for Paul to write Timothy and tell him to not do this. Remember, he was a young man at the time. Perhaps some older men in the church were trying to intimidate him. As a young leader that is often the case. And without Paul around, they felt they could stir Timothy in their direction. We don’t know exactly what was going on, but we do know Timothy was dealing with something. 


You may have a very, shy child. That’s okay. Shyness isn’t sin. That is NOT what Paul is referring to. However, one of your roles as a parent is to build your child’s confidence and boldness. People who live in cowardice or timidity are easy prey for those who are brash and outgoing. You definitely don’t want that for your kids. 

And the best way to build that self-confidence is build them up in Christ. In Christ, there is no cowardice. We can take on the gates of hell with a water pistol when we are walking with Christ. In Christ, there is no need to shy away from a challenge because you are not the one doing the fighting. It’s Him. That’s how we prepare our kids to face life without cowardice. They do it all in Christ. 

How is your backbone today? Are you standing in the face of challenges that seem overwhelming? Good! Now you can let God handle them. Stand confident in the fact that He’s got this. There is no room for timidity or cowardice in your walk with Christ. Stand tall and proclaim victory. 

Lord, I know I am victorious only through You. My only hope for deliverance in the midst of a trial is stand and watch You work. I choose that today. 


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