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1 TIMOTHY 6:15

which He will bring about at the proper time—He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords,” 

Most believers are anxious for the return of Christ. I know I am. People spend hours, even years, studying to try to figure out exactly when Christ is going to return. There have been hundreds of books written on the subject. But the bottom line is no one knows – except our heavenly Father.

The phrase “proper time” literally means a suitable time, the right moment, or a favorable moment. It could happen any day. Would you be ready? Are you sure? It will happen, and it will happen quickly. There won’t be time to get ready once He returns. You’ve got to prepare beforehand.


Have you ever come up behind your child and snatched them up? They probably squealed with excitement. They didn’t see you coming and couldn’t prepare for the sudden “flight.” Do that again sometime. Catch them unaware and grab them up. Then read them this verse and explain the difference.

Getting snatched up by you may be fun but being snatched up by Jesus at his sudden appearing will be beyond words. The difference in the two is this. They can’t prepare for your sudden snatching, and it has no eternal significance. They can get ready for Jesus by giving their heart and life to Him. So, no matter when He appears, they are ready. They may be surprised at the moment, but they can rest knowing they are going to be with Him for eternity.

Are you ready? He is coming. We just don’t know when. Whom do you know that needs to hear the salvation message? Do you want to see them left behind? Go to them today and share the gospel. Pray with them and for them. Make some more “traveling” buddies for the journey to glory.

I know you are going to return, Lord. I am ready. Help me prepare others to see You and get ready, too.


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