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But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.” 

Let me say up front that there is nothing wrong with money. We have to have it to buy food, pay our mortgage or rent and live in this world. What you can’t tell from the English translation is the phrase “want to get” is written to imply that it is their decision to do this. No one is forcing them. This Greek word means to aggressively plan to get something. In other words, those who do this think about nothing but getting more.

But look at the result. It is not a good one. They fall into temptation. They are caught as if in a snare. And they pursue foolish and harmful desires. All this leads to ruin and destruction. Do you think those who pursue wealth like that ever think it will end badly? Not hardly.


Teaching your little Johnny or Susie about money is so important. They need to understand the value of earning a dollar, but they also need to know how to handle the money once they get it. Some kids blow through money fast. They constantly beg to go to Walmart to spend it. Other kids save every penny. There is a balance.

Sit your children down when you think they can handle it and help them make a plan for their money. Don’t forget to talk about giving to the Lord. Most importantly, talk to them about how you manage the household finances. Read them this verse and explain how money can corrupt you if you only focus on it. They will learn best by watching you, so make sure you aren’t living for wealth.

Are you? Are you striving to “get ahead” so hard that you have lost your priorities? Again, money isn’t bad. Our motives about money can be. Ask the Lord to guide you in your spending. Ask the Lord to guide you in your savings. The Lord may choose to bless you financially, or He may not. Trust Him to provide. He always does.

I am so thankful for all You have blessed me with. You have proven once again to be caring and loving. Help me manage Your resources wisely.


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