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and constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain.”

People who meddle in your business are quite annoying and aggravating, aren’t they? Paul knew that. It seemed from the moment of his conversion, others were constantly meddling in Paul’s business. He couldn’t go anywhere without some of these meddlers showing up. They would argue against anything Paul said and try to stir up trouble. Paul is warning Timothy of this. Of course, Timothy had witnessed first-hand some of this.

The Greek word for “constant friction” is only used right here in this verse. It means to constantly argue or to meddle. It’s that person who is always looking for a fight. They love to keep things stirred up. They can’t stand the calm and peace. No way!


Do your kids like peace and quiet? Count your blessings. I am not sure if you can teach that. But YOU can provide the atmosphere for it. If you are one of those parents who constantly berates people, your children will have no clue how to be peaceful. They are watching you. Many times the way you behave determines how your children will behave.

Walking away from a fight or argument is smart. Teach your children to get up and get out of any room where people just want to argue and fuss. If they stay there, soon they will be joining. Teach them how to not be contentious. And when you see them making the right choice, praise them for it.

Do you stir up stuff? Are you a constant source of irritation to someone? Confess that and then pass that on to others. Be willing to make sacrifices for the other person. Will you confess? Will you?  He desires unity and will provide it, if you ask.

Father, we are grateful for giving me something to lubricate my spirit. Give me the ability to be the calming force for others.


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