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1 TIMOTHY 5:17

“The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.” 

Preachers get a bum rap some time. Some people think they only work one day a week and it takes a whole team of ushers to take up their money. Not true! In fact, preaching and teaching is very hard work. The Greek word for “work hard” actually means to strain in labor until exhaustion. 

Now, it’s not necessarily the act of preaching and teaching that’s so hard. I am actually energized when I preach. I can’t wait to share what the Lord has shown me in my study time. But the studying and preparing can be exhausting. Why? Because I want to make sure I get it right. I want to make it applicable. Hours are spent preparing a message.


Talk to your children about your Pastor. Ask them what they think he does the other six days of the week. I bet you will get some interesting answers. I’ve heard them all, lol.  Then call your Pastor and ask if he can meet with you and your children to talk about this. Let him tell them directly what he does all week. 

And then most importantly, pray for him. Lead your children to pray for him. Show him the double honor Paul mentions here. If you feel so led, give him a gift card to his favorite restaurant or better yet to his favorite sports store. Make sure you tell him you are just living out today’s verse. That will bless him.

Are you honoring your Pastor? Or are you one of those church members who only criticize him. You don’t like his preaching. You don’t like the way he dresses. You don’t like (fill in the blank). Stop it. Confess that as sin. Start praying for your Pastor daily. It will change your view of him. Actually, God will change your view. Amen?

Thank you, Father, for my Pastor. Bless him today. Bless his family. Protect them today and give him rest.  


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