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“Do not sharply rebuke an older man, but rather appeal to him as a father, to the younger men as brothers,” 

We have ANOTHER one-time used word in today’s verse. The phrase “sharply rebuke” is the Greek word epipléssó, which means to hit or strike in a vunerable place, to speak harshly or rebuke. You get the picture. Paul is telling Timothy that he needs to be careful how he talks to his elders. After all, he was already having trouble because of his youth. He needed to make sure he was respecting those older than him, even if they needed to be corrected.

In America there seems to be less and less respect for the elderly. You hear all the time about senior adults being abused or attacked. In days past that would have been seen as just horrible. But now it hardly makes the news. God’s Word hasn’t changed. So, today’s verse is just as applicable as it was when Paul wrote it.


Wow! Here’s a no brainer! Our children must be taught to respect their elders. Unless that person is an abuser of some sorts, they should be treated with respect and honor. As parents, we have the responsibility to teach our children this. I have witnessed firsthand too many children who are allowed to disrespect adults. Don’t let your little Johnny do that. It will not help him later in life.

Why is it important for children to learn this early? Because respect for elders will help them also respect their bosses, their spouses and even themselves. Respect is something that has to be taught and lived out. They must be held accountable when they don’t show it. Anything less only leads to poor choices.

Do you respect your elders? Do you treat them with courtesy and honor? It’s hard sometimes, especially when they turn on you and make your life difficult. Regardless, we are commanded to treat them as He would. Today, show an elder in your life the respect they deserve. God will be honored.

Forgive me, Lord, for not showing proper respect for my elders at times. Remind me daily to honor them as You do. Help me come alongside them to aid them in their walk with Christ.


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