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1 TIMOTHY 4:15

Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all.” 

Now, that’s a word you don’t use every day – pondering! That’s another translation for the verb “take pains.” The word means to be diligent about something. It’s only used one other time in the NT (Acts 4:25) when Peter and John quote Psalm 2:1-2. In that instance it is a negative use, but here in 1 Timothy it’s a good thing. Ponder, be diligent about using your spiritual gift.

If someone gave you an incredible gift, would you squirrel it away and never show anyone? If you learned how to cure cancer for everyone, would you keep that to yourself? Of course not! And your spiritual gift is greater than both of those things. Your spiritual gift being exercised could lead someone to a decision to accept Christ, thus altering their eternity!


The best way to teach your children this verse is by living it yourself. If you have the gift of service, serve! And take your children along with you when you do so they know why you are doing what you are doing. If you have the gift of discernment, make sure your kids know when you use that gift and how. When they see you using your gifts to glorify God and build up the Body, they will be inspired to do the same.

There are many gifts. There are many lists of gifts in the New Testament. Let me encourage you to help your child learn which gift God has given them. It may not be the same gift as yours, which will require you to learn more about how they need to use their gift. None of us have arrived. We are all still progressing towards perfection in and through Christ.

How will you use your spiritual gift today? It isn’t just for Sundays. It isn’t just for your church. Use it wherever and whenever the Lord leads you. By being obedient in that and pondering on it, you will please the Father.

I am so grateful for the gifts you have given to us, Father. You give these gifts to be used and managed well. Help me use my gifts today to honor Your name.


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