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“for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.”

I bought a new crossbow last year. I can no longer pull back and hold a bow due to a bad left shoulder. Now, the crossbow I bought came with a scope, but it still had to be sighted in. So, I took it out to a place where I could set a target and shoot lots of bolts (that’s what you call a crossbow arrow) until I had it zeroed in at 40 yards. It took a while, but I finally shot six bolts in a row at six different bulls-eyes on the target hitting all six dead center.

I was thinking about that when I looked at the Greek word for “prayer” in this verse. This particular word is only used twice in the New Testament, both times in 1 Timothy (the other being in 2:1). It literally means to hit the bulls-eye. I feel I have shot a lot of prayers up to God without ever coming close to the bulls-eye. In fact, there have been times when I have completely missed the target.


Teaching our children to pray is quite a privilege. But watching them take off on their own prayer life is a whole different matter. When they learn to “hit the bulls-eye” in their prayer life, they will discover a deeper intimacy with God. When they are specific and focused in their prayer life, God will speak in ways that will reveal deeper and more meaningful insights into His very character.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. You can pray for your children, but you can’t pray their prayers for them. They must do that themselves. Their prayer life is THEIR prayer life, not yours. And when they learn the power they have in Christ nothing can stop them.

Are you hitting the bulls-eye? Or are you shooting blindly, just hoping to hit something. Specific, detailed, bulls-eye centered prayer is the key to successful Christian living. Only by communicating directly with the Creator of it all can you discover who you are in Christ.

Lord, help me to talk to You intimately. I want to not only see the target, but I want to hit the bulls-eye each and every time I pray.


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