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1 TIMOTHY 3:10

“These men must also first be tested; then let them serve as deacons if they are beyond reproach.”

I need to say something right from the beginning about this verse. It is not saying a man must be perfect to be a deacon. “Beyond reproach” means there is no evidence that can be found to convict him. It can also be translated as “blameless.” So, a man who desires to be a deacon must keep his nose clean, as the saying goes.

Why is that important? Because we believers should stand out in a lost world as different. The lost should see us as different. They should know there is something different about us. If we have the same junk in our lives as the world, why should they surrender their lives to Christ?


Are your children beyond reproach? Hardly! Being beyond reproach takes time to prove. The verse says they must be tested. This means to prove what is good. How do you do that with your little Johnny or Susie? You must give them ample opportunities to build their faith and trust the Lord. You must observe them “walking the talk” and hold them accountable.

Our children need to know they are going to mess up. But they need to know there is forgiveness. And anything He has forgiven cannot be held against them. Christ died to forgive them of their sins, and He is interceding right now for us against the great accuser, the devil. They can be beyond reproach only though Christ.

How would you test out? Would you be found guilty right now of all your sins? Or are you beyond reproach because you are a child of the King? Live victoriously. Live with purpose. Live blameless because of Him.

Lord God, I give You all the praise for the forgiveness I have received and will receive through You. Thank You for seeing me as clean and beyond reproach. That is only possible through Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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