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1 TIMOTHY 1:19

“keeping faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith.” 

What a strange way to describe someone who has turned from faith. Don’t forget Paul knew about shipwrecks. He had lived through one. He knew the danger of a ship crashing onto the rocks and breaking apart. He had seen firsthand the fear in the eyes of the ship’s crew. So, when Paul describes a lost faith as a shipwreck, he did that on purpose.

The Greek word for “suffered shipwreck” literally means to break a ship. What does that? Rocks or obstacles in the water. A boat is safe on land, but it is useless. It is meant to be in the water. But by being in the water it is exposed to the risk of hitting something. A good captain knows the water and navigates accordingly. We have to do the same with our faith. We navigate according to God’s Word, which keeps us safe.


I bet you can find a good video of a shipwreck to show your kids. Visuals are much better than just trying to describe it. If your children have never been on a boat or a ship, they may have a hard time understanding without seeing. So, find a good video of a ship crashing onto the rocks and explain to them how that happens.

Now apply that to their lives in Christ. Your little Susie or Elrod has to live in this world with all its dangers. They can’t live “in the marina” forever. Let them know that part of your job as mom or dad is to prepare them for the “open sea.” Knowing the waters and staying in deep waters keeps them safe. As they go deeper into God’s Word, they learn to navigate safely. They recognize the obstacles. They are more alert to dangers.

Have you hit something lately? Were your eyes off course? We can get so busy with life that we lose track of our trajectory. That is dangerous. Now, we can’t lose our salvation, but we can sure damage the hull. And when the hull is damaged it affects the smoothness of the journey. It affects the speed of the journey. It might even require some “dry dock” time for repairs.

You are the Captain of my ship, Lord. I rely on You to navigate for me. I will always trust Your bearings.


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