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1 TIMOTHY 1:14

“and the grace of our Lord was more than abundant, with the faith and love which are found in Christ Jesus.” 

I love it when I discover a word like the one today which is translated “more than abundant.” This word is only used right here in the New Testament. It literally means uncountable or beyond measure. It’s like trying to count the stars on a clear night. You just can’t do it. 

But look what it is used to describe. The Lord’s grace! Wow! His grace towards us is super abundant. It is infinite. It is limitless. It is constant and ongoing. It cannot be finished. There will never be a time when the Lord says, “Sorry, I just ran out of grace for you.” It is and will always be there.


Ask your son or daughter how they would like a lifetime supply of ice cream. They could have any flavor, any time, and as much as they wanted. I am sure they would be excited. But I bet at some point they would tire of ice cream. They would say, “I am so sick of eating ice cream.” Even good things can get old after a while.

Now compare that with the grace the Lord gives us. Explain that the Lord gives us just the amount and type of grace we need each and every time we need it. His purpose of extending grace to us is the same as it was for Paul. He desires that our faith grow and our love deepen.  His grace is the instrument He uses to do that. And since we will never have a perfect faith or a perfect love, God’s grace is a continuous flow. Your children need to learn to depend upon it and accept it. Why? Because they will need it their entire life.

Have you received the grace of the Lord today? Sure, you have. You may not be aware of it, but you have received His grace through your very first breath this morning. He knows in advance what your day is going to bring. So, He prepares your daily dose of grace to see you through. Thank Him for that today.

God of grace, I praise You. I do not understand your limitless supply of grace, but I am so thankful for it. Your grace truly is amazing.


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