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“And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed.” 

Did you ever own a “Jack in the Box”? I vividly remember having one as a child. It was a little metal box with a spring-loaded lid. There was a handle on the side that you turned which caused a song to play called “Pop Goes the Weasel.” That lid would open suddenly at a certain point and out popped “Jack.” No matter how many times I played with that, “Jack” would always catch me by surprise.

This man of lawlessness is the destructive “Jack in the box.” We hear the music playing. The world is at the brink of him “popping” out. We know he’s coming (or maybe already be here). We know he wants to scare us. We see things happening that are turning the handle to reveal him. But we have no reason to fear as believers. No amount of anticipation should give us concern. We know it is God who is restraining him and who will also put him back in the box.


Find a “Jack in the Box” (you can find all sorts of characters) and read this verse to your children. Illustrate this for them. After you show them how to turn the handle, let them play with it several times. But I want you to focus on the part where you shove “Jack” back in the box. Talk about what I just described above. And as you are shoving “Jack” back in the box, explain how it is the Lord who is keeping the man of lawlessness down. 

One day this man will be revealed, but even then, just like “Jack”, he will only be allowed to go so far. “Jack” can’t jump out of the box. He is tethered to the box. God keeps this enemy of believers under control and will allow him to show himself only when He is ready. Not very scary, huh?

Are you prepared to recognize God’s control over what comes next? He is way ahead of you. He knows the challenges that will come your way. He allows them to prepare you. He will see you through. No matter the challenge, God has it under restraint and will only allow what He knows you can handle. Believe that.

Father, I do not fear this man of lawlessness. Even though I do not know when he will appear, I know You do. You have him on a short leash. Thank You.


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