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“who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.” 

Some people think they are above everyone, including God. They have what I call a God complex. Everyone should bow to them. Everyone is beneath them. What they think and say is the ONLY thing that matters. Well, this is nothing new. Paul even says that this “man of lawlessness” will be this way. 

The problem with these sorts of people is you really can’t talk to them. There is no reasoning with them. They look at you from upturned noses. They seem to resent that you are even talking to them. But guess what? God sent His Son to die for them just like He did for you. Every soul is precious to God. He wants everyone created in His image to come home to Him. 


As parents, we have the responsibility to teach our children how NOT to be that way. Now, I am not suggesting that your little Elrod is the “man of lawlessness.” But he can sure act like it if you don’t discipline and correct him. Our little Susie can be hard to live with if we don’t teach her respect for others. The sin nature is strong and will not be tamed on its own.

Teaching respect for others is such an important thing for a parent to do. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Our children will be tempted to see themselves as better than others at times. But humility is a much stronger trait than pride. Focus on that. Model that to them.

Do you know someone who places themselves on that pedestal? You may have a boss who comes across that way. Just be Jesus to them. Submission is hard for most, if not all, people. But if we allow the Spirit of God to live through us, we will have the attitude necessary to yield. Pray for that person. Ask the Lord to humble them as only He can. That’s not your job. Trust Him.

Father, guard my heart from self-glorification. Keep me focused on my humility before You. I know all I am is only because of You.


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