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“To this end also we pray for you always, that our God will count you worthy of your calling, and fulfill every desire for goodness and the work of faith with power,” 

Do you ever tell people you are going to pray for them? Come on, do you? I am sure you do. But do you actually remember to do it? I started a practice years ago that when someone asks me to pray for them, if at all possible, I do it right then. I tend to forget things, and I don’t want to forget to pray for someone who has asked me to pray for them.

Paul was always praying for others. Look through his letters and you will find time and time again when he tells the recipients of the letters that he is praying for them. Today’s verse is one of those times. And it is a good one. He is praying 1) that God would count them worthy of their calling, 2) that God would fulfill every desire for goodness and 3) that God would also fulfill every desire for the work of faith with power. Wow! That’s a great prayer!


We need to teach our children to pray. But don’t waste time with trivial prayers. Now, hear me out. I don’t mean prayers are trivial, but if you are going to teach them to pray, make sure they understand that they can pray with power, believing God hears and will answer. Pray with purpose. Pray with passion. Pray with broken hearts for a lost world.

Do you get my meaning? Our prayers should be meaningful, not just going through the motions to check off a box at the end of the day. Paul prayed with purpose for his spiritual children. We should do the same. And as we teach our children this privilege, they will in turn teach their children to pray this way. Now that’s a legacy to leave. Amen?

Are you praying with purpose for others? Are you claiming victories in prayer? Are you teaching others that prayer is powerful and meaningful? Do that today. Practice that today. Live it today.

God, I know You are listening each time I open my mouth to talk to You. Teach me to be bold in my prayers. Teach me to ask for exactly what I want from You according to Your will.


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