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Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

God’s grace and peace are no joke. When Paul wished that upon the Thessalonians, he wasn’t making a wish that could not be kept. We do that a lot, don’t we? We tell people things that we know we can’t keep. We have good intentions, but it is just outside the realm of possibility.

Grace and peace are not like that. Why? Because we aren’t the ones giving it. Our desire, just like God’s, should be that all men be saved. When someone receives Christ as their Savior and Lord, they experience His grace and His peace. God gives it freely and liberally. Paul is desiring that for them and us.


What is something you can give to your child that they cannot get for themselves? Think of something. Perhaps it is a new bike. Well…nope. They could save their money and get that. How about a new cell phone (God forbid, lol)? Nope again. They could buy that if they had the money.

You can give them a godly parent. They can’t make that happen. You can give them love and respect. They can’t earn that. You can give them discipline and direction. They will learn to self-discipline later, but only after you give it first. These are the things you need to focus on, not material things.

Is there something in your life which you are clamoring for that really doesn’t matter in the eternal order of things? We all have some things like that. Give it up. Let God take over. Let Him determine what you need in your life. He knows best anyway. Don’t you think?  Let Him give you His grace and peace today. 

They never get old.Father of grace and peace, rain down on me today. Let me experience afresh Your grace and Your peace. Then, Lord, let me share that with others.


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