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“But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good;” 

You’ve probably been asked this question before. If you had to rescue one thing from a burning house (people not included), what would it be? Some people think of pictures. Others think of money or jewelry. But what would you try to save?

I would grab by Bible and my guns. I know, that sounds like a typical conservative response, but let me explain. The guns help me keep my family safe from those who might want to harm them physically. My Bible keeps me safe spiritually as I read and meditate on His Word.  Both are worth safekeeping to me. Now, you may disagree with my choices. That’s okay. We all hold different things dear.


Ask your children what they would grab first. They might just surprise you. And I bet, depending on the age of your children, they will pick different things. Isn’t it funny how our priorities change with age? Little Johnny might grab his game system. Susie might snatch up her doll. Or they might just shock you and grab their Bible too. Wouldn’t that bless you?

Notice how a boy will choose very different things than a girl. Our minds think differently. That’s okay. That’s how God made us. But the important thing to remember is God is keeping us safe. He ALWAYS chooses us. Once we are His through the acceptance of His Son, He promises to keep us safe, even for eternity.

Are you keeping the “right” things safe? Is your soul secure in the competent hands of Jesus? He will keep you safe. Why? Because He has “examined” you and found you worthy. You are worthy because of His death on the cross. Will you trust Him today to guard your heart?

Guardian of my soul, I praise You for Your ability to keep me and all Your children safe. You are more than able to protect and defend me in my darkest days. I love You, Lord.


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