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“Do not quench the Spirit;” 

Have you ever had heartburn? Boy, I have. You’ll do just about anything to get that burning to stop. You will drink cold water, milk, take antacids or other medications. You just want your throat and stomach to cool down. 

The Spirit burns within us also, but it’s a good thing. He wants us to know He is there. He will burden us, entice us and encourage us. He will prod us, direct us and lead us. So, what did Paul mean here about not quenching the Spirit? The word means to extinguish or put out (as in a fire). The Spirit of God is often symbolized by a flame. He should burn within us, not like heartburn, but as a catalyst to light our fire for the Lord.


Get a couple of candles to light with your kids, but make sure one of those is a trick candle that they can’t blow out. Light them both and talk about this verse. Explain to them that the Holy Spirit is like that flame that burns. He is in us to energize us spiritually to hear from and live for the Lord.

Now have them blow the candles out. Of course, one goes out and the other one won’t. Tell them the Lord wants us to keep our flame of the Holy Spirit burning. We shouldn’t do anything to put out the flame, to quench it. The Holy Spirit is NOT like the candle that blew out easy. We all make mistakes and sin. Quenching the Spirit has to be a deliberate attempt, just like it is to put out the trick candle. It takes a certain effort.

Have you quenched the Spirit in your life? Have you ignored His prompting so long that He has stopped “talking to you”? Well, He is still talking. The problem is you have stopped listening. You have allowed your ears to block His voice. Confess this to the Lord. Reopen that line of communication. Let the Spirit burn within you.

I want to feel the burn, Lord. I want to be so controlled by the Spirit that the things of this world can’t touch me. Keep me sensitive to His leading.


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