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“pray without ceasing;” 

Here is the other shortest verse in the Scriptures (at least in the original Greek). This verse is also just two words in the Greek, like the previous verse. But there is nothing short about its meaning. Pray without ceasing. How is that possible? Does Paul mean we should spend all our time on our knees? I don’t think so.

The word translated “without ceasing” is only used four times in the New Testament, three times in 1 Thessalonians (1:3, 2:13 and here). The other time it is used is in Romans 1:9. Now what is very interesting is that in ALL four times it is referring to prayer. What does that tell us? Don’t stop praying!


Get your little Johnny or Susie to stand up and start running in place. Tell them not to stop until you tell them to. As they are running, talk to them about this verse. Explain how the Lord wants us to pray all the time. Ask them, as they are still running, if they think praying is tiring. Does praying wear them out? As they begin to pant for breath, they will probably say no or not at all.

Now, tell them to stop running and have a seat. Explain to them that praying unceasingly or constantly is possible because it is not a physical thing. It’s a spiritual activity. It’s an attitude of prayer. It’s a mindset that you are always heaven focused. You don’t hesitate to talk to God because you know He is always ready to listen. There is nothing tiring about that.

When do you pray? Do you only pray at certain points in the day? Make prayer a constant in your life. This word for “pray” literally means exchanging our desires for God’s. Don’t you think His desires for us are better than ours? Why wouldn’t you want His desires for your life? Tell Him that. Keep that conversation going all day every day.

Knowing You are always there encourages me to talk to You constantly, Lord. I know You are listening and ready to answer. Remind me today to keep the lines of communication open.


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