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“But we request of you, brethren, that you appreciate those who diligently labor among you, and have charge over you in the Lord and give you instruction,” 

If you have ever attended a middle school or high school ballgame, whether it be basketball or football, you have probably heard this cheer.  “2, 4, 6, 8, who do you appreciate…” Am I right?  It didn’t matter if your team was good or bad. The fans were going cheer for them. 

Paul is encouraging the Thessalonians and us to show our appreciation (literally, to remember) those who teach and lead us in our faith. Many churches and communities have “Clergy Appreciation Days.” This is a day set aside to recognize and show appreciation to our spiritual leaders. We would do well to do that in some way.


“Carl, this isn’t a very spiritual devotion today.” Well, hang on. Let’s make this apply to us and our families. One thing that is sorely missing today in our society is valuing our spiritual mentors. We must teach our children to honor and respect those people God has placed over them. Lack of respect for authority is running rampant in our country. Of all people, Christians should lead the way in honoring our leaders.

How do we teach that? It begins at home. Holding your children accountable for disrespectful behavior must be done. Modeling respect for your leaders, even if you disagree with them, teaches our children to do the same. I truly believe God places people over us in life to teach us. We may question that sometime, but if we trust the Lord, we will honor Him by honoring those He has chosen as His instrument of instruction in our lives.

Whom are you complaining about right now? Are you picking apart your Pastor without any measure of honor and respect? Apply this verse to your life today. Ask the Lord to show you when you are NOT appreciating those who teach and lead you.

I am thankful, Lord, for those whom You have placed over me. I repent of any disrespect or dishonor I may have shown. Help me to learn from them what You would have me learn.


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