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“for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness;” 

That is basically the question. Do you choose the light or darkness? Do you want to live in the night or day? I don’t mind darkness or night in a physical sense. But I sure don’t want to be in it spiritually. That is what Paul is referring to here. 

As believers in Christ, we walk with THE Light. His light shines in and through us. We should be lighting the path for others. The light in us should brighten not only our path but those around us. Why would you choose to walk in darkness? There is only one reason – to hide your sin.


Are your children afraid of the dark? Do they require a night light in their bedrooms? My teenage grandson chose a room in their new house without windows so it would be dark. He’s not threatened by the darkness. Neither should any of your children or grandchildren.

So, how do you get your little Johnny or Susie to walk in the day or in the light instead of the night or darkness? By modeling it yourself. Your behavior and lifestyle will show them the value of staying in the light. It is much easier to walk in light than darkness. Darkness trips you. Darkness makes you suspicious. Teach your children to live out in the open in the light.

Where are you walking right now? Do you resemble light or darkness? Yield all your desires and wishes to Him. Let Jesus shine through you daily. Let your face shine for Him. Let your words shine for Him. Let every part of your being shine for Him.

Father of light, shine through me. Let Your light be the beacon that draws men to You. Use me to do that.


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