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“Therefore comfort one another with these words.”

Who doesn’t want to be comforted? When we are feeling down or something terrible has happened, we all need someone to come along beside us and speak words of comfort to us. A large part of my job as a Minister has been doing that. I have had to tell way too many children that their mom or dad died. Or I have had to hold far too many hands of people who were sick or facing surgery. 

Paul is instructing the Thessalonians to use the words he had just written to them to comfort each other regarding those among them who had gone on to glory. He wanted them to rest in the fact that they were with Jesus. No one was going to be left in the grave. Those are, indeed, comforting words.


If you have children, then you have had to comfort them at some point. When they were babies and were crying for seemingly no reason, you held them, sang to them and loved on them. When they got a little older you probably talked to them with soft, kind words to try to quiet their little hearts.  Words of comfort are normally welcomed and productive.

My youngest granddaughter loves to be whispered to. I can hold her and whisper blessings in her ear, and she will just freeze with her ear next to my mouth. I whisper comforting words like, “Poppy loves you, God loves you, Jesus loves you, you are precious and special, you are beautiful.” And my favorite words I whisper are “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” Sweet, soft comforting words.

Can you do that today for someone? Who do you know needs those words of comfort? Reassure them. Draw them close and tell them how much God loves them. Let them know they are not alone. Remind them of God’s promises to His children. It will bless you as much as it blesses them.

Father, thank You for comforting me. Give me the words and the opportunity to comfort another today. Allow Your words of truth to speak to their very spirit.


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