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For you know what commandments we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus. 

In the years I have served in ministry, there have been multiple times I had to pass on a directive to my employees that had come from my boss. His instructions to me were meant to be passed on to all the employees, not just me. If I had kept that directive to myself and not passed it on, I would have caused my employees to be disobedient without even knowing it. 

Paul was simply a conduit of these commandments to the Thessalonians. He had an obligation to pass them on. They had to be informed of the Lord’s requirements for righteousness. And of course, because they came from the Lord, Paul had the authority to dispense them in His name. 


Do you remember when you were young when one of your siblings said, “Daddy said…”? If Daddy said it, you had better do it, right? It wasn’t because the message was delivered by a sibling. No! It had come from the top. What a great way to teach your children. 

The next time you need to deliver a message of instruction to one of your children, ask one of your other children to deliver it for you with those words “Daddy said” or “Mommy said.” Then follow up the message to explain this verse and apply it to our walk with Christ. Christ delivered the message from the Father. The message came from the top. 

Are you a message listener or a message denier? Do you only respond to the message if it comes from the person who initiated it? Sometimes the Lord will put others in your life to bring you a message from the Lord. Listen and check it with Scripture. God just may want you to listen to that command which came from the top. 

Father, I know You send commandments to me through Your Word. I know also You can use my Pastor, spouse or best friend to deliver Your truth to me. Help me to be observant and ready to comply 


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