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“For this reason, when I could endure it no longer, I also sent to find out about your faith, for fear that the tempter might have tempted you, and our labor would be in vain.” 

Paul was concerned. Notice I didn’t say worried. That wouldn’t be like him. But he was needing to know how the Thessalonians were getting along. The “father” of this new fledgling church needed to check on his “babies” in the faith. He wanted to make sure that the afflictions they were suffering at the hand of the devil were not discouraging them in their walk with Christ.

This is so important. So many times we lead someone to Christ and then leave them on their own. No! The conversion experience is just the beginning. We must come alongside them and mentor them. They need to be discipled to walk worthy. That was Paul’s concern. That’s why he sent Timothy and Silas back to Thessalonica. They needed instruction and support.


Have you ever had to teach your child to drive? Maybe your children are still too young. But after all the hours in the car beside them, there will come that moment when you hand them the keys and off they go. There has to be a release day. But you do that after hours and hours of teaching and correcting. You know they are ready.

How dumb would it be to just hand them the keys to a brand, new car the day they turn 16? They wouldn’t last long on the road. Why do we think we can pray the sinner’s pray with our children and then do nothing else? They need years of training while they are with you. In fact, we are still learning as parents how to “do this Jesus thing.” 

Will you commit today to be intentional about training your children in Christ? If your children are grown, keep investing in them. Ask they how their walk is. Find someone you can mentor and disciple. We do have that mandate (Matt. 22:36-38).

Lord, open my eyes to those around me who need to be taught. I pray for my children today that they will have a hunger and thirst for Your Word. I pray they will accept any words of encouragement from me.


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