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“and we sent Timothy, our brother and God’s fellow worker in the gospel of Christ, to strengthen and encourage you as to your faith,”

Timothy was relatively new to all this. He hadn’t been with Paul very long and was already being sent out on his own, or at least without Paul. Was he ready? Was he up to the task? Paul must have had faith in his young apprentice in the faith to send him back to Thessalonica.

Has God sent you on a mission? If the Lord has told you to go and do something, you must be ready. Don’t delay. He would never send you where you are not prepared to go. Remember, you are not alone. He is with you, but you still have to go. You have to make the first step.


Your children will have moments when they are afraid to advance. It may be that first time they have to drive by themselves. It may be when you send them to do something for you. Your job as parent is to give them the strength and courage they need to take that first step. When we prepare them we must let them go.

Your little Johnny may fall flat on his face. I bet you Timothy didn’t do or say everything perfectly when he was sent back to Thessalonica. But he went. Send your Johnny out knowing he can rely on you for support. Even better, make sure he knows He is with him.

Today, make that first step out so the Lord can show you how He plans to use you. I don’t want to see you stifle your potential out of fear. Step out! Be a Timothy. Believe in Him who sends you out.

Lord, I am thankful You have enough faith in me to place me in some sticky situations. But with You by my side, WE can accomplish anything.


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