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“nor did we seek glory from men, either from you or from others, even though as apostles of Christ we might have asserted our authority.”

Some people just have to be in the limelight. They desire glory. They want to be worshipped and adored. When they aren’t, they feel useless. That was NOT the case with Paul. Here he tells the Thessalonians that, even though they deserved to be revered as apostles, he did not expect or demand that. Humility – that was his desire.

You may have that tendency to seek attention. Maybe you crave it. Our goal as Christians should be to deflect all the glory towards Jesus. I know that there is nothing good in me except Him. Anything I do worthy of praise is the direct result of Him working in and through me. 


We, as parents, love to praise our children. There is nothing wrong with that. But we should never put them on a pedestal of praise. Our children cannot ever think they deserve praise. Now hear me out. When they begin to think they are worthy of praise or are better than others because we praise them so much, then we have created a little monster.

Children need to learn how to lose. Our society today gives trophies to everyone for just showing up. Undeserved praise only leads to wrong expectations and lofty self-images. Let your children experience failing because sometimes that is the best lesson of all.

Are you guilty of seeking praise? Do you want to be bowed down to? That attitude is not of God. That is a fleshly attitude born of our own sin nature. That is what got Satan kicked out of heaven. He wanted to be God. Don’t fall for the same old trap.

Lord, I bow to You today. Remind me when others praise me that You are the only one worthy of that praise. Help me point to You when any praise comes my way.


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