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“so that you became an example to all the believers in Macedonia and in Achaia.”

When I was a boy I collected and played with Matchbox cars.  I loved those things. I literally played for hours with my cars, trucks and construction vehicles. I was careful when I bought them to not buy a duplicate. But there were thousands produced of each one I bought. They were diecast from molds based on an original prototype.  

The word here for “example” is typos, which means example, model or diecast. Get the picture. Paul is telling the Thessalonians that they are the diecast model of the prototype from which they have been cast. They are replicas of Jesus.  Wow! That still applies today.


The next time you buy your child a toy that is a replica of something, explain this verse to them. Explain how, as followers of Christ, we are to be the example for others to follow. Sometimes the only Jesus they will see is us. So, we need to make sure all they see is Jesus in us.

How can your child do that? By talking like Jesus. By acting like Jesus. By loving like Jesus. Simply by being the best look alike of Jesus they can be. Our prayer should be that all anyone sees when they see us is Jesus. When they see us, they should want to be closer to Him.

Take a look in the mirror today. The person you see in the reflection is going to be your biggest obstacle of looking like Jesus. Our flesh gets in the way. Our desires get in the way. Our wrong motives get in the way. Put that all aside and simply be Jesus today.

Lord God, stamp Your image on me today so that other only see You. I want others to be drawn to You through me. Let nothing of me get in the way of them discovering You.


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