Best Verse: Psalm 80:19 “O Lord God of hosts, restore us; cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.”

I have written before on the topic of restoration.  But there is one HUGE difference between restoring something old and God’s restoration. When you restore something old, it’s still old.  When God restores us, we are a brand, new creature. He has changed us from the inside out.

Let me ask you, do you prefer just an outside restoration or a complete change?  I know what I want.  I want to be fully and completely restored.  And I have been.  My only problem is living that way.  I need to live more restored.


Do you have a little restoration job around the house that your kids could get involved with?  Hands on instruction is hard to beat.  If you don’t, maybe a trip to a thrift shop would be good.  Whatever you decide to work on, let your kids get in there with you.  Let them see what’s involved in restoring something.

When you finish, they will probably say how much work that was.  That’s when you can tell them that this was nothing compared to the restoration God does in our lives.  All the junk in our lives is renewed through His blood.  We are set apart as holy.

So, restored or patched up?  That’s your choice.  As for me, I want the works.  I want to be brand new.  I want to be seen as perfect and holy in His eyes.  This is only possible through His perfect work.  Praise the Lord.

O God, you are way too good to me.  Your restoration of my life is complete in Him.  Thank You for making me whole.


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