Best Verse: Psalm 78:38 “But He, being compassionate, forgave their iniquity and did not destroy them; and often He restrained His anger and did not arouse all His wrath.”


If you want a clear picture of God’s restraint, read the account of the wilderness journey of the children of God out of Egypt. Time after time they rebelled against God.  He would punish them, and they would repent.  But before you know it, they are back at it again.  God withheld killing them, but only after Moses pleaded for them.

Sometimes I see God that way with me.  I consistently disappoint Him.  I want to be obedience, but I allow my flesh to gain control.  I don’t understand how He holds back His judgment on me.  And then I remember – His wrath is satisfied through the blood of His Son. I am declared innocent only because of His righteousness.


Children need to learn restraint.  They can be quick to retaliate when wronged.  They can plot revenge on someone who has hurt them. Show your little Johnny this verse today.  Tell him how forgiving God is to us.  We should imitate His acts of kindness, not become judge and jury.

And when you see your son or daughter exhibiting those traits of forgiveness, praise them for it.  Let them know how proud you and the Lord are.  Let them know how you can see Jesus in them.  I believe practicing restraint can build character.  Help them do that.

Do you need to apply this verse today?  You may need to go to someone YOU have wronged and make it right.  You may need to ask someone to forgive you for retaliating against them.  Break that cycle of paybacks.  Allow the cleansing power of Christ to flow through you.

I am not worthy, Lord, of Your forgiveness.  I could never be.  But I am forever grateful that Your Son is.  It is His righteousness that makes me worthy.


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