Best Verse: Psalm 76:4 “You are resplendent, more majestic than the mountains of prey.”


To be honest, I had to look up the word “resplendent.”  Actually, I looked up the Hebrew word which is translated “resplendent.”  The word actually means “to be or become light.” That’s pretty cool.  So, the Psalmist is saying, “You are light.”

We can’t look directly at light with our eyes. It’s blinding.  And we have never seen true pure light, which is God.  That would certainly blind us.  But one day, we will see Him.  One day we will be able to look directly at Him with glorified eyes. His light will not only be bright, but it will also be inviting.


Let’s perform an experiment with light.  Get a flashlight with your children and go in a dark room.  Shine it toward them.  Do it just for a second.  Don’t blind them.  But ask them to look directly at the light.  Then turn off the light and ask them if they still saw it briefly. Normally, we can still the light in our vision for a couple of seconds after the light is out.

Now think about that.  Your retina stores that image in your brain.  The light is gone, but you still see it briefly.  That’s how it should be with us and God.  If we are always looking at Him, at the brightness of His light in our life, then we should be able to maintain that light in the dark places.  The key is though is to keep looking at the light.  Never take your eye off of Him.

Have you lost the bright light?  Have you turned your attention to something else? Turn your sight back to Jesus.  Let Him shine in You.  Let others see His brightness in the way you talk and act. In that way, others will get a glimpse of His glory at work in you.  Wouldn’t that be marvelous?

Lord, You truly light up my life.  Let Your light shine in me.  Help me keep my eyes on You.


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