Best Verse: Psalm 72:20 “The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended.”


This Psalm was supposedly the last Psalm written by David.  There may be others that come after this one in the book of Psalms, but they were probably written earlier and just placed later in the book.  This is a strange verse to use for a devotional, don’t you think? You may be asking what I was thinking.

Finality!  That’s what I was thinking.  Everything must come to an end.  The title today was the closing words spoken by Porky Pig at the end of the cartoon show. The show was over.  That was it.  That’s all folks.  One day we will all face an end, just like we face an end to things here on earth. Only eternity lasts forever. Everything else is temporal and will fade.


Watching your little Johnny or Susie grow can be exciting.  Childhood will end.  They will reach puberty and become teens.  You may think that will NEVER end, but it will.  They will finish high school and college, and before you know it, they are married with children.  

Use the time you have in each season of life wisely.  Ask the Lord what His purpose is for you for that time.  As the seasons of our life change so can His purpose for you.  I know my own ministry has changed over the past four decades.  Bring them each to a finality that honors Him.

Are you nearing the end of a “season”?  Look for the ways to end it well.  Perhaps you are entering into a brand, new time of your life.  That can be exciting and terrifying.  Embrace it with the knowledge that God is with you.

I am excited, Lord, at how you walk with me through every time of my life.  I pray I will end well.  I pray I will complete the tasks You have for me.


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