Psalm 41:12 “As for me, You uphold me in my integrity, and You set me in Your presence forever.”


 We have all heard that expression, right?  God Honest Truth!  What does that mean?  I mean, we can guess.  Of course, God is honest.  Of course, God is truth.  So, if we are showing true integrity we will always tell the God honest truth.

But look at the verse again.  I am upheld by God IN my integrity.  Only by being God Honest can He uphold me.  He will NOT uphold me in my lies.  He will support me in falsehoods.  An honest, truthful God demands honest, truthful children.


What a perfect verse for child raising. Our children have got to be taught the value of telling the truth.  Only by telling the truth can we, as parents, defend them.  If you are defending your children’s lies, then you need to repent yourself.  Never do that.  Call your children on every lie, no matter how small it may seem.

Now, it is important that we reinforce this with why it is important.  God wants to defend them.  If they are His children through Christ, He will come to their aid whenever they call.  But He cannot and will not defend them in lies.  It is against His very nature.  So, if your children want God’s approval, they must live in the truth.

Are you God honest?  Are you known as a man or woman of integrity?  A blown reputation due to lies is hard to build back.  People do not tend to believe someone who is known as a liar.  Tell the truth.  Be honest. Show integrity. And watch our God come to your side.

Father, forgive me of those times when I am less than honest.  No, that’s not right.  When I lie, forgive me.  Convict me. Reprove me. Let my words be Your Words, which are always truthful.


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