Psalm 25:7 “Do not remember the sins of my youth or my transgressions; According to Your lovingkindness remember me, for Your goodness’ sake, O Lord.”


Why do you think David was asking God to forget his youthful indiscretions?  Probably the same reason we do.  Don’t you have stuff in your past which you wish you could forget?  Don’t you have things you wish God would forget?  Who doesn’t?

Well, there’s good news.  He does.  Once we confess those as sin and ask for forgiveness, they are gone.  God extends His lovingkindness to you and me and all is forgotten.  Pretty awesome, right?


We forgive our children for their wrong doings.  We confront them and possibly discipline them, but we forgive them.  The difference between us and God though is we can’t forget them.  The next time your little Susie does the SAME thing again, what do you say?  “Susie, I told you before that you would be in trouble if you did that again.”

Just like that, they are reminded of their failure.  Now, children need to be reminded of the rules and your expectations.  But we, as parents, need to work on not holding things over their little heads.  Believe me, they know they have done this before.  They don’t need reminding.  Just deal with it and forgive.

I bet there are things you need to confess today.  Do that right now.  There are probably people you need to forgive today.  Do that too.  Ask the Lord to give you the ability to forget those things.  Only He can do that.

Jehovah God, forgive me and forget my sins.  I claim the blood of Jesus over all my transgressions. I am secure knowing that He has paid the price for me.


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