Psalm 21:4 “He asked life of You, You gave it to him, length of days forever and ever.”


You really need to read this whole Psalm.  David is thanking the Lord for giving him life.  But there’s so much more.  David was bold enough, secure enough in his relationship with Jehovah God, to ask Him for life.  That caused me to ask myself a question.  Do I have that kind of relationship?

Now, I know that I have eternal life promised to me through Jesus.  But am I bold enough to ask the Lord to lengthen my days?  Of course, that request must be asked with the right motive. I must ask, not for me, but for others. Will the Lord lengthen my days so I can be used longer?


Children come into this world with no promised number of days.  The Lord knows that number, but we don’t.  We, as parents, need to pray for the Lord to lengthen their days.  We should ask the Lord to remove their enemies.  We should pray Psalm 21 over them.  We should be as bold as David.

“Well Carl, that’s kind of presumptuous, isn’t it?”  No, not at all.  We are told to bring our requests to the Lord.  What better request than to ask the Lord to bless our children and use them in His kingdom work for years and years?  What better way to honor the Lord?

Are you that bold?  Do you dare to approach the throne of God and request life? I am.  You should be too.  Let Him hear you cry out for life abundantly.  He loves you and wants what is best for you.

Lord, thank You for giving me life. Thank You for extending my days.  Let me use them to honor and bless Your name.


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