Psalm 10:17 “O Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart, You will incline Your ear.”


Anyone who has a tv has probably seen the Verizon commercial that was played incessantly for months.  The spokesman would always end the commercial by saying, “Can you hear me now?”  Of course, Verizon was hawking its great coverage plans compared to other carriers.

Isn’t it nice to know that God’s coverage plan does not have ANY gaps.  There are no dead zones.  There is never any dropped coverage.  You will never be in the middle of a prayer and suddenly hear crickets on the other end. God is always listening.  He is always available to hear us.


Do your children constantly call your name? Sometimes we just want to be out of ear range.  Come on, admit it.  Sometimes the 100th“why” question can get on our last nerve.  But your children need to know you are hearing them. I promise you the day will come when you will really want them to know you are listening.  The older they get the less they want you to hear them, or so it seems.

For the sake of your future parenting, listen well now.  Make sure they know you are always available to hear their questions.  More importantly, point them to the One who always listens. They need to know early that God is ever mindful of their cries for help.  He is truly inclining His ears toward earth to hear His children.

Are you crying out to the Lord right now? Rest assured He hears.  Sometimes He delays His response.  Sometimes He says, “No” or “Not now.”  But He is always listening.  Trust that.  God does not need a hearing test.  We just need to keep talking.

O Great Listener, incline Your ear towards me today.  Hear my cry for help.  Answer me according to Your perfect Will for my life.


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