Psalm 7:1 “O Lord my God, in You I have taken refuge; save me from all those who pursue me, and deliver me,”


I pray you understand this verse fully. God is our refuge.  He is the place where we can go and rest when it seems the whole world is against us.  He saves us from those who pursue us. He delivers us from evil.  He is there all the time.  The problem is we don’t see it or acknowledge His presence until we are screaming in agony.

David was pursued by Saul for years. Saul wanted him dead.  David knew he was going to be the next king, but I am sure he wondered at times if Saul was going to succeed and thwart God’s plans.  Every time Saul got close, the Lord provided a way of escape for David.  He will do the same for us.


If we could only teach our children this principle of refuge while they are young, oh what a difference it would make in their lives.  Instead of worrying and fretting, your little Susie would know to just turn to the Lord. Little Johnny could face his adversaries boldly because he would know that God is fighting this battle for him.

Every time you face a challenge and the Lord brings you through it, make sure your children are aware.  When your family is going through a challenge, get your kids involved in prayer for that.  Let them experience first-hand God’s deliverance and power.  Let them see Him working, even in the smallest of ways.

Are you running away from your enemies? Are you running toward your refuge? Let God show up.  Let Him wipe out those who threaten you.  He will, and He can if we will allow Him to do that.  He keeps His promises.  He is your refuge.

Thank you, Father, for being my refuge.  I know You are there ready to defend me and bring me safely through.  Help me show others Your power in my life.


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