Nehemiah 8:9 “Then Nehemiah, who was the governor, and Ezra the priest and scribe, and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people, ‘This day is holy to the LORD your God; do not mourn or weep.’ For all the people were weeping when they heard the words of the law.”


Wow!  Can you picture this scene?  Ezra and Nehemiah are standing before the people reading the Word of God, which had long been forgotten.  When the people heard the law, they wept, knowing they had been unfaithful.  They were broken and contrite. They were weeping for their sin.  They were crying over the way they had forsaken God and His Word.

When is the last time you saw people weeping over God’s Word?  I bet it has been a while.  People hear the Word and just yawn.  They don’t see it for what it really is – God’s words spoken through the Holy Spirit to men who authored those 66 books.  He loves us enough to send us a written message.


Please take the time to teach your children to honor and love God’s Word.  Teach them that it is not just some book we pick up and carry to church on Sundays.  It is not just a cute story book with some inspiring stories.  No! It is God speaking to us.

When your children grow up you will not be around to read the Word to them.  They need to know how to read it for themselves.  They need to know how to study it.  They need to know how to share it.  They need…  You fill in the blank.  The point is they need God’s Word in their life for their lifetime.

How about you?  How much time are you spending each day in the Word?  “Well Carl, I have so much to do every day.  I don’t have time to study the Bible.”  You don’t have time to not study it.  Make 15-20 minutes available.  Get up early or go to bed late.  Just make the time.  Maybe you will shed a tear as you read.

Word of Life, You are so faithful.  You have given us Your very words to guide us.  Help me make Your Word a priority in my daily schedule.


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