2 Samuel 20:16 “Then a wise woman called from the city, ‘Hear, hear! Please tell Joab, ‘Come here that I may speak with you.’” 


Joab was on a mission for King David to find and kill Sheba, a man who was leading a rebellion against him.  All this happened right after David’s own son, Absalom, had unsuccessfully staged a coup. David was going to have none of this, so he ordered Joab to track down this Sheba and execute him.  His search led him to the city of Abel.

Abel was known as a city where people went to seek wisdom.  We can assume then that meant there were seers there who imparted advice and guidance.  Thus, enters the “wise woman.”  Perhaps she was one of those seers. She doesn’t want to see her city destroyed, so she cuts a deal with Joab to deliver Sheba over to them, or at least his head.


Okay, this is another devotional when you may be saying, “What in the world can I teach my child about this story.”  For me, this is the point.  God will sometimes place wise people in our path unexpectedly.  He will speak through them to deliver guidance just when we need it. We, however, must be willing to receive it.  We don’t know this woman’s name.  All we know is she was a wise woman.  But I bet everyone in that city knew her because of her wisdom.

Teach your children to listen to godly advice.  Any advice they receive from anyone should be filtered through God’s Word. If it conflicts with that, it is NOT godly advice.  But if it agrees, listen closely.  Teach them to be willing to change their course of action based on this wise counsel. Joab did, and he had the army to achieve his original plan.

Do you need wise counsel right now?  First, go to the Lord.  Ask Him to give it go you.  Secondly, look out for those the Lord may place in your path today.  He may just put someone right there who can guide you.  Finally, when you receive the advice, follow it.  Trust that the God of the ages is big enough to help solve your problems.

 Father, I am good at asking for advice but not so good at receiving it.  Show me what You would have me do today to please You.  Open my eyes to those You send with Your message.


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