2 Samuel 5:25 “Then David did so, just as the Lord had commanded him, and struck down the Philistines from Geba as far as Gezer.”


In this chapter, David is attacked twice by the Philistines once they heard he had been made king. Both times David goes to the Lord for instructions on how to attack the Philistines.  But he doesn’t get the same instructions.  God gave him a battle plan the second time that was different than the first time.

You may be saying, “Big deal, Carl.”  Well, I believe it is.  I see two main points.  The first one is David went to the Lord BOTH times for directions.  He wanted to do it God’s way.  We can learn from that.  Secondly, David didn’t assume God would want him to repeat the first instructions. God changed the plan.  He still does that.


Don’t you give your children different tasks to do?  Do you ever change the way you instruct your children? Of course, you do. God does the same thing.  We can’t assume God is going to stick with the same plan over and over again. Each situation is unique.  Our children need to see that.  They need to go to the Father EACH time they face a challenge for new directions. What worked the first time may not work the second time. God knows that.

So, how do you know what to do?  You pray. You stay in the Word and seek God’s face for direction.  Teach your children that when they truly want to know God’s direction for their life, He will graciously unfold it for them.  But they must wait on Him.  Don’t rush ahead.  Wait.

What are you doing right now that the Lord told you to do?  Are you facing a challenge and need direction?  Go to Him.  He may surprise you with a better way.  If you trust God with your eternity, can’t you trust Him with your today?

Precious Lord, show me the way You would have me deal with my issue today.  You always know the perfect solution.  Help me to ask and then trust.


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