Judges 15:15 “He found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, so he reached out and took it and killed a thousand men with it.”


 Samson was definitely a controversial judge.  Some of his antics will cause you to raise an eyebrow.  But judge he did, for twenty years.  This story is one of those eyebrow raising stories.  The Philistines came to kill him for burning their fields with 300 foxes tied together with torches (another interesting tale, no pun intended). He agreed to be turned over to them tied with two ropes which he quickly broke.

 The only problem was Samson didn’t have a sword, shield, bow or arrows.  How would he fight them?  He used what he had around him.  He saw a bone on the ground, picked it up and slaughtered 1,000 Philistines. Pretty gruesome, I know, but warfare is gruesome.  God used Samson, in His own way, to defeat Israel’s enemy.


 “Okay, Carl, show me how to teach this to my little Susie.”  Glad you asked.  God puts things in our life to use to serve Him.  For Samson, it was a donkey’s jawbone.  For your little Susie, it could be her musical talent.  It could be her oratory skills.  It could be her gift of service.  God equips us all in different ways.  But He will use us all, if we surrender.

 What skills and talents do you see in your children?  Help guide them in honing those for use to God.  Now, He may choose to develop a whole new gift in them. That’s okay.  But prepare them for God’s service.  They should feel natural in their service to Him, not awkward or nervous.

 What has God put in your hands to serve Him?  Are you using it?  Pick up that jawbone.  Serve the Him with vigor and energy.  Don’t say, “I can’t do that.”  You don’t have to. God will through you.  Let Him.

 Father, You are the gift giver.  You are the One who equips us for service.  Show me how to use what You have placed around me.


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