Judges 9:14 “‘Finally all the trees said to the bramble, “You come, reign over us!”’”


Abimelech had convinced the people to proclaim him as their leader.  He was the illegitimate son of Gideon who lived in Shechem.  The people chose him over Gideon’s sons and lived to regret.  This quote in verse 14 is the voice of Jotham, the only son who survived Abimelech’s murderous tirade of his other 69 brothers.  It was prophetic. Abimelech was a bramble who brought destruction on Shechem.

So, what does this mean for us?  Choose your leaders carefully.  Many people promise great things.  Just elect them and they will bring prosperity.  Pick them and they will lead you to success.  Whether it be a political election or a community group, choose leaders who exemplify Christ’s teachings.


Your children may grow up and run for an office.  They may be elected as class president in school.  They may even be elected to Congress or as President.  Teach them to represent well.  Teach them to live by God’s standards.  Teach them to lead well.  You just never know how God may use them.

They may never run for office, but they will have the opportunity to vote for others. Teach them to vote for people who stand for good.  Show them who you are voting for and why.  I have a couple of “line in the sand” issues when I vote.  One of them is a candidate’s view on life.  I cannot vote for anyone who is for abortion.  I know God would not be pleased with that.

How do you decide your leaders?  What guidelines do you use?  We have the best “litmus test” around – God’s Word.  Use it to guide you who to elect.  Do your part and trust God to put in power those whom He has selected to lead.

O God, I pray for our local and national leaders today.  I pray they will seek Your face today.  I pray for their safety and good health.


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