Acts 20:9 “And there was a young man named Eutychus sitting on the window sill, sinking into a deep sleep; and as Paul kept on talking, he was overcome by sleep and fell down from the third floor and was picked up dead.”


 I have been guilty of falling asleep in church. I have also seen a lot of people fall asleep while I was preaching (which I am sure did not reflect at all on the quality of my preaching, lol).  But this young man, Eutychus, should have been more careful where he was sitting. He was not embarrassed for falling asleep, he died!

 The story doesn’t end there, though.  Paul went down and raised him from the dead.  He told the people “his life is in him.” How did Paul do that?  He didn’t!  God in him did.  Paul didn’t raise Eutychus to get fame and honor.  He raised him to continue to live for Christ.


 Isn’t it the cutest thing when your little Susie gets so sleepy she can’t hold her eyes open?  You may have even had a child fall asleep during a meal.  Be careful where they lay their head.  Ha Ha!  Don’t try to teach them our verse today at that moment.  Wait until they wake up.

What’s the lesson for this verse?  I mean, why was this story recorded by Luke?  One lesson, I think, is to let us know that falling asleep accidentally in church is not a sin.  Kids should know that.  Now, I don’t mean stretching out on the pew and bringing a pillow.  That wouldn’t be an accident.  But getting sleepy in church can happen.  Kids should not be made to feel bad if that happens.

Eutychus will always be remembered as the boy who fell asleep during Pauls’ sermon and died and was brought back to life.  We don’t know anything else about him.  But I have to believe that he told of the power of God the rest of his life.  He was dead and lived to tell about it.

Father, Your power amazes me.  You bring life to the spiritually dead.  Thank You for “raising” me.


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