Acts 8:4 “Therefore, those who had been scattered went about preaching the word.”


 After Stephen’s stoning in Jerusalem, persecution began to get intense.  This was the point at which Paul (known as Saul then) began persecuting the church. But God had a plan.  He allowed the persecution to force the believers to flee Jerusalem.  Look what happened.  They left Jerusalem, but as they did they “went about preaching the word.”

These changed lives could change their physical location but not their spiritual calling.  They could abandon their earthly dwellings but not their heavenly purpose.  They took the Gospel out of Jerusalem into a world that had not yet heard the message. God was going to use them to change the world.


 Our children will suffer persecution if they choose to follow Christ.  The extent of the persecution will vary depending on where the live and how radical a life for Christ they live.  It is sad to me that many believers can live in this fallen world and never face any kind of persecution.  “What? Carl, that sounds crazy.”  Well, here me out.

We should live lives so holy and different that unbelievers feel uncomfortable around us.  The light of Jesus in us should expose the darkness around us.  If your children live like that, get ready for persecution.  Welcome it. Embrace it.

You are probably thinking right now that you do NOT want that for your children.  Had you rather have them just melt into the crowd and not stand out for Jesus?  We, as parents, should desire that our children stick out at school as a sold-out believer.  Pray they will be bold and courageous in their walk.

Father God, give me the courage to stand firm for Your Son.  Help me spread the good news through my suffering.  Let others see the difference in me and ask how to change their lives.


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