Numbers 30:2 “‘If a man makes a vow to the Lord, or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation, he shall not violate his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.’”


 My dad was a man of his word. When he said something, he meant it. Now, for us kids, that could be good or bad.  If he promised a spanking, well….  Ouch! And if he promised he would be at your game, he was there.  Yay!

The Lord told us way back the importance of keeping a vow you have made.  Too many people make promises to the Lord when they are in a pinch and as soon as they get out of the bind, they forget it.  Not cool!  God isn’t deaf.  He hears those cries for help.


 Children need to be held accountable for promises they make.  All too often we let them slide.  Don’t!!!! The bad habit this produces could lead them poorly as adults.  Don’t say, “Well, they are just children.”  Teach them how to keep their word.

And the best way to teach that is to do it yourself.  Keep your promises to them and to God.  Make promises you know you can keep.  This teaches them.  Make promises that may stretch you at times to show them the depth of your vow to them. That teaches them.

Are you trustworthy?  Do you keep your vows?  If so, great.  If not, start today.  Vow to God right now that you will follow Him daily.  Give your family your word that you will lead them faithfully.

Lord, I vow today to live my life for You.  I give my word to You that I will be faithful.  Help me live in such a way that I always draw others to you through my faithful living.


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